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About School

We are pleased to introduce SBS Convent School, the best boarding school, in Sikar. SBS is the realization of a long nurtured dream of Sikar in quality education.The school follows a curriculum, which Is in accordance with the specifications of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). 
It aims at the attainment of the highest order of academic excellence. Non-academic subjects including music, dance and creative projects are given equal Importance while planning the curriculum.

The SBS Education Group and the School support various Social and Environment issues. These are addressed regularly through educating the school children and leveraging them to be a part of such activities. This initiative promotes education and participation within and touches the lives of those outside.

With exceptional design and constant upgrades, the school offers a perfect atmosphere conducive to learning, adopting innovative pedagogical skills. The SBS Convent School is a co-ed institution offering CBSE curriculum along with an array of Curricular, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities. The school is also well known for offering inclusive education.

Our skilled and experienced teachers not only unlock the knowledge that lies within books, but also instill the qualities and moral values that make for an honest, responsible and dignified personality.