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Message From Principal

Welcome to SBS Convent School. It's a great pleasure as the head master of this wonderful school, to introduce you to all it has to offer.
The School was founded in 2007 on bed rock of honour & commitment. Academic Excellence & excellence in all co-curricular spheres is worked for with deliberation & purpose. At the best of times, to cope with the rigors of living in an often difficult & unpredictable world is not easy. Honest hard work & the ability to handle pressures make for a small measure of satisfaction. And if you strive to and not reflect on success, you may have a larger collection of blessings to be thankful for. And that is what this school is all about.

The world is changing at a break neck speed. To keep up with these changes, education has to be universal and dynamic. Our endeavour is to equip the children with skills that would enable them to meet the challenges of the changing world and enhance their strengths and capacities. We believe each child is a genius waiting to be discovered. Each child is a bundle off innate talent and creative energy waiting to excel.
Our aim is to empower the children with proficiency that would lead them to become outstanding observers, explorers, thinkers, great learners, as well as sensitive and ethical human beings.